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Electronic Cigarette Law

Electronic Cigarette Law

The new regulation called the Tobacco Products Directive has now taken effect across the vaping industry. The following are the basis of the changes that have been implemented by all vaping companies.

1. E-Liquid with a nicotine concentration of above 20mg (2%) will no longer be available

From 20th May 2017 you will no longer be able to purchase e-liquids containing more then 20mg (2%) of nicotine. This will not have an effect on heavier vapours as you will be able to use our mod kits like the Fusion or the Raptor Starter Kit to turn up the wattage on the clearomizer to give a higher nicotine intake.

2. E-Liquid bottles containing nicotine will be limited to 10ml capacity

This has been done to ensure safety of not having too much nictoine in one bottle, therefore we have ceased production of the 20ml bottles from 2016.

3. Maximum capacity of clearomizer limited to 2ml

The maximum amount of nicotine a clearomizer can hold has been limited to 2ml for safety reasons, therefore all the clearomziers that we have been limited to 2ml.

4. All e-liquids must be sold in packaging with child safety and tamper-proof features

This has been done to ensure complete product safety and for most users won’t bring about any changes, as our e-liquids are already compliant with this rule.

 5. A ban on advertising

Advertisement of all electronic cigarettes and related products is now essentially banned, with the exception of any publications, including websites aimed specifically at the vaping industry. This means no more TV, radio or website adverts that aren’t specifically intended for a vaping audience.

6. Changes to electronic cigarette packaging

With the new rules all electronic cigarette and e-liquid containing or intended for use with nicotine must feature a warning that takes up at least 30% of the visible area of the packaging. All of our e -liquids and electronic cigarettes will feature these warnings from 20th May 2017.

7. Registration and notification requirements of products

Any new products that any company wants to bring to the market will be required to undergo a 6 month notification period before sales can commence. This is to provide full traceability for the product down to the manufacturer, the materials used and the processes undertaken to produce the product.

The Tobacco Products Directive had been implemented in order to keep vapers safe, so if you have any queries please do not hesistate to call us on 0845 3133381 or email: 

Warning: These products are not to be used by any person under the age of 18, or by non-smokers or have a demonstrated allergy or sensitivity to nicotine and persons who suffer from medical conditions, and by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. if unsure please consult your doctor. These products maybe hazardous to health. Prestige Vaping makes no claims that electronic cigarettes will cure addiction to nicotine. If you suffer from tobacco/nicotine dependence syndrome we recommend you visit your health care provider to discuss nicotine replacement therapy. We are not a pharmaceutical company and we do not produce medical products.

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